Find inner peace with goat yoga

Detroit Lakes business offers unique yoga classes

Midwest Gal Mercantile in Detroit Lakes began offering goat yoga twice a week, and will continue the unique class throughout the summer.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

DETROIT LAKES — The opportunity to find inner peace, with the help of some cute little goats, has arrived at Midwest Gal Mercantile in Detroit Lakes.

Adin Miller participated in goat yoga at Midwest Gal Mercantile in Detroit Lakes and a baby goat took a liking to him.<br/><br/>
Jim Brogren / Detroit Lakes Tribune

Goat yoga classes for all ages and abilities are being offered with Tiffany Johnson, a certified yoga therapist.

The meeting between Johnson and the Detroit Lakes shop owner, Kacee Brogren, was quite fortuitous.

“I was in the store with my daughter and she overheard them talking about offering yoga with goats,” Johnson said. “My daughter spoke up and said, ‘My mom teaches yoga.’”

Johnson trained to teach yoga in India and went on to become a certified Yoga Therapist and experienced educator. Her speciality is tailored around relieving mental and physical suffering.


Tiffany Johnson is a certified yoga therapist that studied in India and New York. The Grand Forks, N.D. resident is leading the goat yoga classes at Midwest Gal Mercantile in Detroit Lakes.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

After a brief chat, Brogren and Johnson agreed to mix yoga and goats and see how the public would receive the unique opportunity.

Johnson had never offered yoga classes with animals present, but noted animals often provide a reduction in stress levels. Having people relax, smile and feel the peace an animal can bring fit the class she envisioned. Her focus is to provide students with an understanding of how to listen to one’s own body, and leave knowing poses that promote health.

“No one needs to be nervous about their ability or flexibility,” she said. “It is about getting outside and having fun while doing yoga.”

In addition to a relaxed journey into yoga with a well-versed teacher, participants also find themselves in poses with a goat on their back or napping in their lap. To commemorate the moment, Brogren is there taking pictures for the students as a keepsake.

Charley Norman participated in goat yoga at Midwest Gal Mercantile. She posed for a keepsake picture with a goat during the class. <br/><br/>
Jim Brogren / Detroit Lakes Tribune

The typical class size has about 18 students and one can sign up at the store’s facebook page or call 218-234-8035.

The classes are held outside, near the Midwest Gal Mercantile store, which is located at 17168 Highland Drive, Detroit Lakes. If the weather turns soggy, those who sign-up for the goat yoga class will be given the option to reschedule or receive a refund.

The next goat yoga class is set for July 14 at 7 p.m.

The property where the goat yoga classes take place is owned by Jim Brogren. His grandfather first owned the land, then it was purchased by his parents. Eventually, he purchased a 5-acre homestead on the family land, he said.


The land has been home to horses, pigs and chickens in the past. Years ago, he wanted to bring in a new animal and learned about myotonic fainting goats.

“At that time they were nearing the endangered status,” he said. “That was about seven years ago. Now, they are no longer endangered.”

Brogren is one of the breeders who helped increase the population of the goat that faints when startled. The females are typically between 21-27 inches tall when fully grown and the males are about 27 inches tall. Typically, the classes are offered with baby goats, as their parents roam in the pasture.

Kacee Brogren, owner of Midwest Gal Mercantile, is offering goat yoga classes throughout the summer with a certified yoga instructor. The store is located at 17168 Highland Drive, Detroit Lakes. The next classes are set for July 9 at 9 a.m. and July 14 at 7 p.m.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

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