'Giving back ends with action'

Local author donates profits from book to help financially struggling families.

Jeffrey Krueger, who helped establish WE Fest, shares poems of trials, celebrations and finding love with his wife Debrah in his book, “Dad’s – 100 poems, riddles, and songs in 100 days.” Krueger, who helped found WE Fest, is donating proceeds from the book to help people in need.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune
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DETROIT LAKES — Jeffrey Krueger set out to finish what his father started. The journey to publishing a book of poems dove into life experiences that built him, broke him and captured the whimsical days often caught in between.

“I was able to reflect on who I am, and who I was,” he said.

The book, “Dad’s – 100 poems, riddles, and songs in 100 days” is available at some local merchants, such as Bluebird Books and Beautiful Junque in downtown Detroit Lakes, as well as online.

The proceeds go directly to the Family Needs Fund, a nonprofit Krueger started. He explained the funds are distributed to other nonprofits, such as the Lakes Crisis & Resource Center, through an application process. Krueger added that there are no administrative fees taken from the account.

Writing has never been the 70-year-old Detroit Lakes resident’s forte. He explained he has a disorder that makes reading and writing more challenging for him than the average person. Throughout his life that disability has led to embarrassing situations.


Despite his unfavorable past with writing, he had a conversation with his brother that altered his perception of the matter. Krueger said the two were reminiscing on one of their father’s money-making plans of publishing a book. While he penned some poems, their father battled inner demons that Krueger said prevented him from actualizing those dreams.

“I decided to finish what dad started,” he said. “I decided to write 100 poems in 100 days.”

Jeffrey Krueger recently published “Dad’s – 100 poems, riddles, and songs in 100 days.”
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

The fact he was able to achieve the goal he set out to do was “a gift from God,” he said. Some days the words flowed and Krueger was able to write several poems, whereas other days his pen was stagnant as if it had run out of ink.

In addition to helping people who are struggling with bills, he hopes his poems inspire others with reading or writing disabilities to push forward for little gains, which may transform into big ones.

The father of four and grandfather of nine is not taking any payment for the time invested in creating the book, or the cost of publishing it. He said those expenses were his, so that the Family Needs Fund recipients receive all donations and proceeds from the book.

“Giving back ends with action,” he said.

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