Minnesota high school skiing community reacts to fire at Maplelag

Maplelag Ski Resort welcomed skiers from all across the world. It was also home to many high school competitions. The fire is leaving teams with questions as they hope for a quick rebuild.

Crews work to put out the fire at the Maplelag Ski Resort on Monday.
Steve Elwell

FARGO — The fire to the Maplelag Ski Resort in Callaway, Minnesota, has the skiing community distraught over the loss of one of Minnesota's most popular destinations for skiers .

This is the second time in 23 years the lodge has been destroyed by fire.

"We've sat through conversations of the first time this happened and that was heart wrenching then, and it is definitely heart wrenching now to see this happen for them," said Dan Josephson, head coach of the Detroit Lakes Nordic ski team.

Many high school teams in Minnesota around Section 8 make frequent trips to Maplelag for competitions. Now they are wondering what parts of the season will look like without the resort.

"Not only with our team, but also the teams around Section 8 and then the teams from around the state. I know they got a lot of teams that are scheduled to come up and they have had to cancel those I'm sure. It has just been a tough situation all around," Josephson said.


Even with uncertainty as to when skiers will return to Maplelag, a lot of the tight-knit skiing community are trying to find ways to help get the resort up and running again.

"I think we are just kind of in that point where it is a little bit too early to do a whole lot, but we know that we are a tight community, and we are willing to help out where we can and do what we need to do to help Maplelag get through this," Josephson said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The owner is planning on rebuilding .

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