Northwest Minnesota man charged with shooting own delivery truck, falsely reporting crime

Kevin Allan Bannor, 35, of Bemidji, was charged with a felony for first-degree damage to property, as well as a gross misdemeanor for unlawfully possessing a firearm and a misdemeanor for falsely reporting a crime.

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BEMIDJI, Minn. -- A Bemidji FedEx driver was recently criminally charged after firing a weapon at his own work vehicle and then falsifying a police report about the incident.

Kevin Allan Bannor, 35, of Bemidji, was charged with a felony for first-degree damage to property, as well as a gross misdemeanor for unlawfully possessing a firearm and a misdemeanor for falsely reporting a crime.

According to the criminal complaint, several days before the vehicle shooting incident, Bannor called to report someone in a white Buick LeSabre brandishing a firearm and making a verbal threat toward him.

Then around 11:25 a.m. on Monday, May 17, Bannor again called law enforcement to report his work vehicle had been shot in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 71 north of Bemidji in Beltrami County. Bannor met with deputies and showed them his vehicle, a white box truck.

In the criminal complaint, deputies noted that the passenger side mirror was missing and that the driver's side door appeared to be damaged by bullets. Windows on the driver- and passenger-sides were shattered. According to deputies, corresponding holes were found in the box truck's seat and console.


The complaint described Bannor as “visibly shaken,” and after he pointed out the damages, he got in a patrol vehicle and directed deputies to the intersection that he claimed to be the scene of the shooting.

Bannor then described how he had been stopped at the intersection when a white Buick LeSabre, the same car he had called law enforcement about days earlier, pulled up near him and the front seat passenger fired a handgun at him.

The deputies began searching for shell casings and remaining pieces of glass, which Bannor claimed he pushed out of the truck. Metal detectors were used to search the ditches and roadways for shell casings, but none were found. The glass and side mirror purportedly belonging to the vehicle were located in a ditch near the alleged shooting location, the complaint said.

Due to the numerous bullet entrance and exit holes in the exterior and interior of the truck, as well as the multiple broken windows and mirror, the amount of damage is believed to exceed $1,000.

Deputies canvassed the neighborhood and found residents who said they heard gunshots. No residents had seen vehicles around the time they heard gunshots, except for one resident who saw a vehicle that he described as a white box truck.

The truck was taken to a secure law enforcement site for analysis, the complaint continued, and Bannor’s supervisor, the owner of the truck, stopped by to remove packages from the truck to be delivered.

Investigators also spoke with Bannor at the law enforcement center, where he suggested that the shooting was connected to him striking a parked car recently. Investigators then determined that the box truck had cameras installed in it, and they contacted the owner of the truck to assist in obtaining the memory card for the camera.

The footage showed Bannor stopping the box truck at the intersection, opening the door and exiting, according to the criminal complaint. Four gunshots can be heard, then Bannor reenters the box truck with a black pistol in his hand. He begins driving before stopping and exclaiming, “... I forgot the cartridges.”


Footage then depicts Bannor driving to his residence where he appears to leave the pistol. Bannor then drives back to the area of the incident where he exits the truck momentarily before reentering and driving toward U.S. Highway 71 and turning north.

Bannor is observed calling 911 and reporting that he had been shot at, then continuing north until stopping on Island View Drive and awaiting law enforcement.

Regarding the incident, FedEx Communications Manager Meredith Miller told Forum News Service, “This reported behavior is deeply concerning and unacceptable for anyone providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground. We are committed to operating safely and professionally while on the road and are cooperating fully with the investigating authorities at this time.”

When investigators executed a search warrant at Bannor's residence, they found broken glass in his driveway and a .380 caliber pistol in his home.

After speaking with a woman at Bannor’s residence, investigators learned she and Bannor had recently transported several firearms to a camper at Bannor’s mother’s residence in Puposky, Minn. Inside the camper were multiple firearms, as well as a large quantity of ammunition.

Bannor is subject to an order for protection, and due to this, he is not permitted to own a firearm.

On May 20, he was charged with a felony, a gross misdemeanor and a misdemeanor in district court. The felony charge was for damage to property resulting in more than $1,000 worth of damage. The gross misdemeanor charge stemmed from possession of firearms and ammunition while under an order for protection, and the misdemeanor charge was for falsely reporting a crime.

Hannah Olson is a multimedia reporter for the Pioneer covering education, Indigenous-centric stories and features.
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