The day after the Area 51 storming, a WDAY News viewer sent in a video that can only be described as strange.

Todd Mitchell and his wife own and run the Country Campground just south of Detroit Lakes.

Mitchell was trying to get video of the lightning from storms on Friday, Sept. 20.

On a rewatch he noticed he'd captured what appears to be an odd, black shape seemingly flying through the sky before it vanishes into thin air.

Initially you may think it's just a bug, but the figure comes back and if you watch closely it looks like it flies through a cloud.

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He said going back a couple minutes further in the recording he saw the shape dart across the camera again.

Mitchell sent in the video hoping someone could help identify the shape.

Mitchell said the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce marks the Country Campground as spot 51 on the area's map.

Mitchell’s video can be viewed on