Sheriff's office is selling 19 old guns to licensed dealers

Todd Glander
Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander. (Paula Quam / Tribune)

If you’re a federally licensed firearm dealer, Becker County has a deal for you.

The office is selling a total of 19 firearms in three lots that include a blend of old sheriff’s office guns, seizures related to a crime, and abandoned property. The guns are no longer attached to a court case, Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander said in an email.

Viewing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 13, on the third floor of the Becker County Courthouse, and sealed bids will be due by 4 p.m. Thursday, May 14.

The three lots include groups of guns made by Colt, Glock, Browning, Mossberg, H&K Benelli, Ruger, Savage and other companies, including shotguns, handguns, semi-automatic rifles and hunting rifles.

“The guns were grouped to include rifles, shotguns, and pistols, so they were not all one type,” Glander said.


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Only licensed dealers can bid on the guns: “As a sheriff’s office, we are not a federal firearms licensed dealer; therefore, we cannot sell guns directly to the public,” Glander said. Since they can’t be sold privately, the gun sale is limited to those with a Federal Firearms License, or FFL.
The Becker County Board approved the gun sale, and proceeds will go to the county’s general fund, Glander said.

“If we need equipment in the future, the board may approve the use of these funds to offset the cost of equipment,” he added. “But again, this would have to be approved by the County Board.”

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