Vicky L. Grondahl letter: LP-A Informed Committee flier filled with inaccuracies

Last week was a difficult one for anyone involved in education: It brought us the horrific killings at Virginia Tech, the anniversary of the Columbine murders, and the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Last week was a difficult one for anyone involved in education: It brought us the horrific killings at Virginia Tech, the anniversary of the Columbine murders, and the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

It gave most of us cause to reflect and worry about the future of our country

As a citizen and board member of the Lake Park-Audubon school community, this past week was a difficult one also.

I am saddened by the rift that is going on in our communities due to the upcoming building bond election for the LP-A schools.

The "LP-A Informed Committee" put out a flier in the Becker County Record on April 18 filled with 10 "facts."


I do not have enough space to address all the inaccuracies in their "facts," but feel compelled to address several of the more glaring ones.

The first question I would like to pose is; Why is the public so hesitant to accept facts from the school district as truth, but ready to accept statements made by "LP-A Informed Committee" as truth?

When I was elected to represent my community on the school board, I took an oath pledging to do my very best representing the interests of the citizens and the students of the LP-A district. The Board, administration, and community members who served on task forces looking into the school situation took the time to investigate the situation, investigate possible options, and to recommend the best solution.

Why is that research not believed? Educationally, fiscally, and for the future growth of our communities -- investing in our facilities is the clear choice.

In all the "facts" presented by the "Informed" I have not seen one word about kids and what is best for their needs. That is what this whole discussion should be about -- kids.

I am saddened by the glaring absence of all talk about students and what their needs are. The discussion has become all about money. I am not saying that the discussion about money doesn't need to be there. My fellow board members and I are taxpayers in this district also. We are voting to increase our own taxes.

I am the parent of three children who have gone through or are going to the LP-A District. The most important thing in my life is my children. As a parent, I have invested time and money, lots of money, in my children. I will continue to do so all my life. I know of nothing of importance that doesn't require an investment of time and or money. If we don't invest time and money -- the results will show.

The world that we are preparing our children for is a less kind and gentle world than most of us went into as adults. Technology is demanding and buildings need to be secure. The high school alone has 18 entrances.


I've heard comments that our schools are "good enough." Why as a community are we willing to accept "good enough" for our kids? I, as a parent, grandparent, business owner, and future senior citizen dependent upon the younger generation to take care of me someday, want the very best education for students. I am not content with "good enough."

Why shouldn't I be concerned about high lead levels in the water? Why shouldn't I be concerned when I hear that if we had better air quality students would learn better? Why shouldn't I be concerned when my child has to sit in a classroom that maybe 80-plus degrees or in one 60 degrees and is expected to concentrate?

Should it be OK for our students to go to a school until the fire marshal or health department closes the school down as unsafe?

I want the students of the LP-A School District to have buildings that are safe, comfortable, well-lit, have good air quality, have the technology necessary for today and for future needs, that have sufficient space, that have adequate lab space, that will prepare them for the future.

It takes more than superior, caring teachers to prepare students for the future. It also takes an investment from members of our community -- money. We put our time and money into what is important. I want mine to go to kids!

The election is May 8.

Please, I urge you to attend a public meeting. Listen to the facts as presented by the school. Read the informational brochure that was mailed out to all district residents. Don't accept "facts" delivered on a sheet of paper in the newspaper or on a sign as necessarily being true.

I urge you to think about what a "community" is to you. The residents of Lake Park, Audubon, and Cormorant are deciding what our community will look like in the future.


I urge you to think about what is important to you -- what you want to invest your time and money in. I urge you also to think about the consequences of a no vote.

I urge you to vote yes. Vote yes for our kids. Vote yes for the future of our communities.

-- Vicky L. Grondahl, Lake Park

(Grondahl is chairwoman of the Lake Park-Audubon School Board)

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