The Detroit Lakes area is in the "question mark area" for the current winter storm ripping through the midwest right now, according to Amanda Lee, a meteorologist with the Grand Forks National Weather Service.

As of noon Thursday, Oct. 10, the Detroit Lakes area is in a winter storm watch. Lee said that we are looking at mainly rain that could turn into snow eventually on Friday morning. She recommends paying attention to the weather service for possible changes. The current prediction is:

  • Friday: Of all days to get snow, Friday will be likely. Lee said that it could be a mix of snow and sleet and rain, but again, the weather may change.
  • Saturday: The system traveling through the Midwest will be dying down on Saturday, but the temperature is still expected to be low, so there may still be snow. If it comes, it may be less and lighter than Friday.
  • Sunday: Similar to Saturday, the system expects to be ending around Sunday, leading to much lighter snow if any. There is a lower chance of precipitation at all.

A winter storm like this in early October isn't an "every year thing," but it still isn't unlikely, Lee said. What makes this storm "pretty extraordinary" is the magnitude of it, she said.

After the storm passes, temperatures are expected to stay down. There are some signs that there might be some warmth at the end of the month, but for now, temperatures are dropping quickly and will probably stay down, Lee said.