In general, you are about 300 times more likely to die in a car crash than in a tornado. However, we cannot issue car crash warnings because they happen at random and without advanced warning, whereas we can usually offer a Tornado Watch and then a Tornado Warning in advance of most tornadoes.

I'm a meteorologist, not a doctor nor a biologist, but I do a lot with numbers and I know that the pandemic skeptics are focusing on the wrong math. The mortality rate of the virus is somewhere around 2% to 3% overall, causing many people to reason that if they are currently healthy, they'll likely be fine. Unfortunately, contagious illness does not spread on an average. Like tornadoes, concentrations of the severe strains of this COVID-19 virus tend to happen in random clusters without a lot of advanced notice, where it can overrun regional medical facilities. The cancellation of large events is a good first step in slowing down the virus's ability to spread.

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