The concept of the weather being "too cold to go outside" must certainly be an individual decision. Cold weather during winter is a fact of life here in the Northern Plains and North Woods, and this meteorologist has been forecasting and presenting weather here for more than 35 years. Cold temperatures and wind chill index numbers, along with various National Weather Service statements and advisories, have been duly reported. Advice about dangerously cold weather has been offered when appropriate.

During any spell of Arctic air, complaints will trickle into the weather office about either too much or too little coverage. For the record, this meteorologist does not, in 35 years, recall ever telling the audience that it was "too cold to go outside" — not to diminish the fact that cold weather can be dangerous and even lethal to anyone caught outside unprepared. However, if properly planned for, outdoor work can be accomplished, and outdoor play can be invigorating, even fun.

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