In order to make weather comparisons possible between weather stations of varying periods of record, and to keep up with the changing climate, we use the most recent complete three decades, updating the set once per decade, sort of like the U.S. Census. Across the Northern Plains region, the new data reflect a nominally warmer and significantly wetter climate.

By tossing out weather from the 1980s and adding the 2010s, average daily temperatures have risen only a fraction of one degree. However, annual precipitation has risen about 4-5%. Fargo's annual precipitation is up 1.22 inches a year, from 22.69 to 23.91. Average annual snow has risen 2 inches, from 49.6 to 51.6. Grand Forks' precipitation is up from 20.47 to 21.47 inches. Annual snow is up from 47 to 48.4 inches. Bismarck's precipitation is up from 17.80 to 19.01 inches with snow rising from 50.1 to 50.4 inches a year.

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