Meet Ruby! She is the little Lab puppy we welcomed to our home recently. Since her arrival, my family and I have been debating whether she should sleep in one of our beds or on one of her own.

A while back, Dr. Lois Krahn, a Mayo Clinic sleep medicine specialist, conducted a study about this issue. She and her colleagues wanted to find out if sharing your bed with a dog interferes with sleep.

"We found that as long as the dogs were not on the bed, their presence in the bedroom did not appear to be a big issue for the sleep of their owner," says Krahn. "But on the bed was a different story."

Krahn suggests that people who own dogs should pay attention to their individual sleep needs. And if a puppy by their pillow is disrupting quality sleep, they should consider moving the dog off of the bed to another comfy spot in the room.

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