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Park Rapids woman charged with meth

Tammara Cherise Eischens, 30, of Park Rapids, has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime.

According to court records, on June 12 she and another person were walking on a trail in a wooded area currently closed to the public. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent called the Becker County Sheriff's Office for assistance, and a deputy spoke to her. She allegedly seemed impaired and the deputy found marijuana and a syringe in her purse. She allegedly admitted illegal drugs were in her vehicle's glove box, and .12 grams of meth was found there in a small baggie.

Eischens appeared June 14 before before District Judge Mark Hansen, who set cash bail at $250 or bond at $2,500, with standard conditions of release, or bond at $5,000 with no conditions of release.