The Real Estate Company recently moved into the location where Jack Chivers Realty once was on the outskirts of Detroit Lakes off Highway 59.

Owner Dave Neisen said the main reason for the move was exposure, something that he says they lacked at their previous location near Payless, east of the city center on Highway 10.

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"We're experiencing more walk-in traffic than we were before," Neisen said, adding that the move has been kind to their business.

They moved on July 1 and still plan to have an open house on Thursday, August 23 after they finally get all settled in.

Retired police chief Tim Eggebraaten will perform with his one man show at the event.

Right now, Neisen said they have about 50 listings.

"We are seeing a surge of people buying anywhere from the city block to the city beach to be used as vacation rentals," Neisen said.

House hunters better search quick, because the busy season is starting up again soon.

"Real estate has two major markets, people in May who are actively seeking and in July is usually a little bit slower. You get back into August, and then you get the procrastinators," Neisen explained.

That being said, Neisen says they have been extremely busy throughout the summer, which hasn't always been the case due to the July lull. Maybe it's the change of location, or maybe it's the current market.

Neisen and Larson agree that they wish they had more houses to sell. They are currently experiencing a shortage of homes in the range of $200 to $300 thousand.

Since the move, they've had one additional agent join making them a team of 14 independent contractors.

"Our doors are always open for agents to interview and come on board," Neisen said, adding that they are continually growing.

Neisen is a 20-year veteran of the United States army. He and his wife, Torey Neisen, co-own the company.

"Our goal is to be number one in the area. Right now we've been consistently number two," he said, emphasizing that they are locally grown and owned.

They talk a lot about working as a team, rather than competitors combatting each other, which can sometimes occur in a business setting where paychecks are based on sales.

"Nobody gets paid by the hour, and that can create animosity that can be devastating, but not here. They all work and click together," Neisen said.

Office manager Rochella Larson recently became a licensed realtor for the company, bringing new enthusiasm to the team.

"We offer awesome customer service instead of just selling something and getting it off the table," Larson insisted. "It's not about the sale, it's about building relationships, I think."

She tells a story about how they were once having too much fun when a banker stopped by. The visitor commented on their cheery dynamic.

Larson confirmed her assumption. "I think everyone loves coming to the office because everyone loves being together," she said.

"We do everything we can, we strive to make sure everything is right up front," Niesen said.

They intend to stay at the new location for a long time, hopefully indefinitely.

"I think we finally found our home," Neisen said.