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Cabin Fever Yoga offering classes at varying locations year round

Brianna Krejci and Carly Pederson started Cabin Fever Yoga earlier this summer. They host a few classes a month at varying locations. Emily Driscoll / Tribune1 / 2
Cabin Fever Yoga practicing at the City Park on Monday, August 21. Emily Driscoll / Tribune2 / 2

Finding time to exercise can seem impossible when life gets hectic.

For Brianna Krejci and Carly Pederson, there is always a little time to center yourself. Whether it's attending one of their yoga classes at a vineyard or taking five minutes to stretch in the morning, there is time.

"I don't want to stress myself out by not doing 30 minutes of yoga every day," Pederson said, adding that it would be counter intuitive.

Krejci explained that incorporating other healthy habits into the day-to-day routine is equally important.

"It means I journal, take a few moments to check in with myself emotionally, see what's in my diet, how do I relate to other people, so that's where I'm coming from," Krejci explains.

They both live for wellness, which is what led them to start their own business offering yoga classes at the start of the summer.

It's called Cabin Fever Yoga, the name stems from the feeling of getting a little stir crazy. Yoga offers the perfect release.

Krejci has an extensive background in yoga practice, and Pederson has been a certified personal trainer for nearly 10 years. They both offer training and classes at the Perham Area Community Center where they initially met and became friends.

"She's endlessly positive, she's brimming with ideas. I get text messages all night long like, 'we should do this or do that," Krejci said about Pederson.

They feed off of each other. Krejci provides advice and solace, and Pederson provides uplifting support.

"Because of our backgrounds, we're able to give people an introduction to yoga that it isn't just what you do on a mat, but we're adding in strength and cardio," Krejci said.

With a yearning to share their passion for yoga and other life hacks, they offer classes at varying locations in the lakes area, blending yoga with cardio fitness and strength training.

"We're doing this and posting it at local businesses basically to expose our participants to what DL has to offer," Pederson said.

Since they began in June, they have been hosting two to three classes per month with hopes to grow in frequency and size.

Their classes are meant to physically benefit participants, but there are also social perks.

Pederson loves being an instructor because of the friendships she's made along the way.

"We build connections that you wouldn't [normally] otherwise in the fitness world," she said.

Both Pederson and Krejci work full time while building their business on the side.

"It's cool because it is our side gig. There's not a lot of stress involved. It doesn't feel like work," Pederson said.

"I'm very happy at my full time job, and I'm very lucky that my family lets me leave them and do my yoga thing," Krejci said, adding that she may one day like to be a full time yoga instructor, but it's not always easy.

"In the yoga world, it's difficult to really throw yourself into it and get people interested," she explained. "People are still getting used to it [yoga]."

For anyone feeling too shy to participate in an outdoor yoga session for the first time, Krejci offers words of advice.

"If group classes aren't for you, if you're shy about that, there are so many resources online. A lot of clients start with youtube videos until they feel confident enough to come to class, even though they could have just came and it would've been fine," she laughs. "Just show up."

Cabin Fever Yoga will continue throughout the year at indoor locations like Zorbaz during colder months.

"Come no matter where you are...whether you're experienced, if you're a runner, or if you haven't worked out for a few months," Pederson said.

Their next hour long session is at Seven Sisters Liquor on Saturday, August 25 at 8:30 a.m. They also have sessions planned at Richwood Winery on September 15 and 29, both beginning at 10 a.m.

It costs $8 to $15 depending on location and whether or not there is a beer or wine tasting to follow.

"My yoga is a lot more philosophical, like the daily things you can do that aren't just yoga poses," Krejci explained.

"Yoga is looking at your life holistically. You find what works best for you. You live your best life every day in a sustainable way."