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Belling, Voss art exhibit at DL library through October

This painting by local artist Fern Belling, titled "The City," is among those on display at the Detroit Lakes Public Library through the end of October. (Submitted photo)1 / 2
This painting by Detroit Lakes artist Todd Voss is among those on display at the public library through Oct. 31. (Submitted photo)2 / 2

Detroit Lakes artists Todd Voss and Fern Belling are showcasing a variety of their paintings in the Detroit Lakes Public Library through Oct. 31.Included are recent works done in studio and out of doors, or plein air, in several different media.

Voss's paintings are mainly landscapes in oil on board, but he works with many subjects. Voss has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art from Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, having grown up near the rural scenes he likes to paint. His current works reflect those early years, as well as his love for Minnesota scenes of farms, lakes, and wilderness. He paints in a style that is realistic, yet impressionistic and sensitive to nature's beauty.

Belling, a Detroit Lakes native and University of Iowa graduate in art, worked in oils and pastels, before settling on watercolor and mixed media. Although her expressionistic style differs from Voss', she also takes her cues from Minnesota natural scenes, as well as wildlife. Currently she is exploring abstract painting using mainly watercolor and gouache, on paper and canvas.

Todd and Fern enjoy traveling throughout the United States, painting as they go. Plein air painting produces many finished works, and serves as a basis for studio work. They take many photographs as an assist to painting, and for their own beauty.

Both artists like to pursue one style to full development, but feel it just as important to be open to trying new media, and new ways of working.

They find that working in proximity, talking about their process, as well as inviting open discussion about works in progress, aids both of them.

Most of the works shown are for sale, with price sheets available at the front desk of the library, which is located at 1000 Washington Ave., Detroit Lakes.