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Paid Letter: Karen Branden gets our vote

It has been said, to produce change, start in your own backyard. In our case, this is Minnesota District 2B.

District 2B lacks employment that offers a liveable wage, childcare facilities, safe and affordable housing, powerful, affordable broadband, and healthcare.

Finding a candidate with just the right balance of common sense, energy and strength of character to tackle these problems is difficult. Her name is Karen Branden and she is running for the Minnesota State Legislature in District 2B.

This is a time when running for office is frankly, scary! Karen Branden is a thoughtful, honest woman who is willing to jump into the fray and work to solve our area's many problems.

She possesses the uncommon ability to bring people together. We are so lucky to have such a person so willing to serve the people of our district.

It has been a pleasure going door-to-door talking to our neighbors about this incredible candidate. We would like to urge you, whether you are Democrat or Republican, to vote for Karen Branden.