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Letter: Election was rebuke to Trump, support for rule of law

The recent midterm election was, without a doubt, a rebuke, but not totally against Trump. In my view the six million votes by Democrats, Independents and some Republicans represent a declaration for rule of law, decency, respect and truth.

The Republican party's 'devolvement,' with its southern strategy and loss of self-respect has proven itself openly discriminatory and dehumanizing. Trump is only a symptom, offering cover for the ever-so-entitled evangelical right, Heritage Foundation and 1 Percent, which, for the most part, I consider the parasite class.

Trumpism and Pinocchioism can only be remedied at the ballot box, coupled with intense de-fabrication and conversion therapies.

The six million votes (blue wave) was an intense rebuke and repudiation of the Republican Party. The handwriting is on the wall. Healthcare, education, diversity and equality won. How else to explain 100 women rightfully earning a seat at the congressional table? Please continue!

To those elected officials and other leaders who pledge allegiance to Trump, the Karl Roves and Grover Nordquists, shame on all of you. I sincerely hope you recognize what this election was all about.

Yes, I know this is a third rail for some of you, but here we go: the majority of us fall into the progressive category. This majority includes real Christians, minorities, millennials and Humanists. The loud wailing and bullying from fundamentalists and oligarchs is undermining our democracy. For those of you in the clergy that claim to be non-political — such nonsense!

The day you were ordained you became a political operative and politician. Each and every one of you became a lobbyist, did you not? Your congregations are your constituents. I feel they deserve more than the lofty Bible quotations that some use for false equivalence or excuses. Please consider a 'town hall' open discussion about decency, respect and truth based on today's realities, not conspiracies, propaganda and rumors.

Cults have become more prevalent and emboldened. The mass murders in our country are not God's will. They are derived from the political rhetoric of fear mongering and outright lies. The murderers know that thoughts and prayers are not a deterrent, but lip sync, and they are emboldened.

Yes, climate change is real. The six million voters (largest since 1974) recognize, see and feel the handwriting on the wall as well as the grave markers.

I listen to Andrew Card and others pathetically ask for redemption, to let bygones be bygones and sweep everything under their rug of hypocrisy; at least until the next election cycle. It is a very real possibility that President Obama may be the last legitimately elected president we will ever have. Whatever Special Counsel Robert Mueller puts in his patriotic legal report I will believe him — pro or con. We will find out soon enough what political courage looks like.

The climate of politics, bigotry, discrimination, misogyny and criminal behavior has become intolerable. Change is coming, thanks to all of the women 'standing their ground' for our children's and nation's future. Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt would be proud. I've been thinking of that Helen Reddy song, 'I Am Woman, Hear me Roar'!