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Letter: Uber transportation could be 'just a tap away'

A recent letter to the editor regarding the need for more electronic car outlets in Detroit Lakes reminded me of another convenience that this growing area would appreciate: Uber. My Uber app tells me that the driving service is "currently not available in your area."

I contacted the City Council last summer asking if DL had public transport restrictions outside of the local taxi business and was told Uber or Lyft aren't prohibited from establishing service if they felt there was an adequate market. The reply also said there haven't been any year-around operators in the area.

I know many who would use Uber throughout the season in DL lakes country and believe it could be popular, as it is in many areas. Perhaps the city could advertise the need for drivers and make Uber live across lakes area. Take comfort knowing a ride could be just a tap away. — Pamella Mohl, Detroit Lakes