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Letter: Troubled times for our republic

A number of years ago Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, commented that Rupert Murdoch was a detriment to democracies.

Great Britain's exit from the European Union (Brexit) has been attributed to Murdoch as political and vanity revenge for his involvement in the Princess Diana aftermath (wiretaps, hacking and outright lies), arrogance and authoritarianism.

Karl Rove said out loud that his main goal was to make the Republican Party a "permanent majority party" (authoritarianism.)

Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich and others (self-declared emissaries of God) vowed to stop President Obama's agenda at all costs (supremacy and authoritarianism.)

The indicted Roger Stone said Trump won with a "hostile takeover" that is clearly evident today. The Mueller Report is clear in its appraisal of Trump, Trumpism and Russian involvement; it is factual and well documented. Criminal behavior is authoritarianism.

The heavily redacted Mueller Report just might reveal why the NRA received $30 million from Russia; why John Bolton gave a gun rights speech to a non-existent Russian NRA. A video backs this up; so too former NRA leadership.

this explains Ollie North's instant promotion. Remington has filed for bankruptcy and the NRA's funding and membership has been in steady decline. The NRA is and has been a source of revenue and power for the former Republican Party.

Conservatism has become a warm and fuzzy word for authoritarianism. The conditioning process has been in the works for 30 plus years. How else could Steve Bannon declare Trump as being "Heaven sent?" Really?

Supremacy, conservatism, and authoritarianism have melded into one. Sociopaths are clearly in our government's upper echelons and our democracy be damned.

It must be noted that previous to Bush 43, our nation was number one in the world for infrastructure. Two trillion dollars in tax cuts with two wars in progress — the math doesn't work and never has!

Fast forward to Trump's tax cuts of $2 trillion; today Melinda and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are saying out loud that income and social inequality is a direct result of the uber rich lust for gold.

As I said several years ago, those of us in the middle class are fighting for table scraps and blaming "others" for it. Polarization did not happen by accident — supremacy and authoritarianism is the end game. (From "You Don't Say", L.K. Hanson.)

"The acceptance of oppression by the oppressed ends in complicity; cowardice is consent whenever the duration of a bad thing, which weighs upon a people and which that people could prevent if it would, goes beyond the bounds of an honest man's patience; there is an appreciable solidarity and a partnership in shame between the government guilty of the evil and the people submitting to it. It is venerable to suffer; to submit is contemptible." Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Thanks to Trump and Pence, the Heritage Foundation, Mitch McConnell and others, we suffer with Mnuchin, Wilber Ross, Giuliani, Barr and DeVoss. The ecosystem of the swamp has become overwhelmed by leeches and sociopathic parasites. — Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes