I am a senior at Detroit Lakes High School and I have a lot of friends that I don't think would smoke because my generation has received the concept that smoking is disgusting and horrible for your body.

Unfortunately, vaping has somehow sidestepped that concept and is now considered cool, because you can do cool smoke tricks with it, it's flavored, it comes in pretty packaging, and they think it's better than smoking.

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But it is a tobacco product and it is addictive. Dealers claim people could get vape juice with "Zero percent tobacco" in it, but I'm not sure kids realize they are still inhaling whatever chemicals the dealer has put in their "custom" flavored juice, which then goes in their bodies.

Vapes are new, so we don't yet know the long term damage they may have on the delicate human body, just like cigarette smoking in the past. Back in the day, kids also thought smoking looked cool and didn't think it had any health effects on them. Little did they know that it was addicting and destructive to the body.

That's how I lost my grandparents. They started smoking when they were in high school and by the time the public found out the long term effects of tobacco, they were too addicted to stop. I never got to meet them because they died of lung cancer from smoking before I was born. I have only heard about them from stories my parents and relatives have told me. But it's scary to me how the history of tobacco has made a full circle with a new way to target my generation and entice them to use and get hooked on tobacco.

I am not a replacement tobacco user for my grandparents.

Please tell our City Council to pass the Tobacco 21 city ordinance because you want your kids to meet their grandkids.-Megan Gilsdorf, Detroit Lakes