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Letter: Protect our children--let teachers carry guns

I'm responding to a letter in the Feb. 28 newspaper about arming teachers. I'm in favor of it, if done correctly.

Nobody would suggest we just pass out firearms to teachers like cookies, with no training. But with the correct training and instruction it would be a real deterrent to any attacker.

First, a teacher would have to be willing and able to carry a firearm, and examined for the job, just like the police have to do with their people. They would get professional training on how to respond to various threats, etc., and how to take the firearm apart, clean it and reassemble it.

They would have to have continuous shooting training so they could hit a target quite well—just like police must do.

Many of our churches are protected by armed citizens every Sunday and most people don't even know it. These armed people are in church and also ready for trouble ... just like the teachers would be teaching and ready for trouble.

If I was a teacher in a room with my students and an armed attacker came into the room, I would want a 9mm handgun instead of throwing a pencil!

Please go on the Internet and google "Kitty Werthmann" and listen to her talk about living under Hitler and her ideas about arming the average person ... it may change how you think. Thank you.—Jordell Brose, Detroit Lakes