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Letter: An alternative DL school building plan

I would like to offer an alternative building plan for the Detroit Lakes School District, one that I don't think has been discussed or presented.

Build an eighth- and ninth-grader school just south of the present senior high school, between the school and the tennis courts-football field.

Connect the senior high to the 8-9 grade school by a beautiful wide corridor.

This building would have an immediate impact on the necessary space for the senior high and the middle school.

The middle school could then become a 5-6-7 grade school. Rossman and Roosevelt would remain K-4 community schools.

This would allow the school district the opportunity to sell the much-discussed Tower Road property.

It would also be a smooth transition from ninth grade to the senior high. (I understand the tenth-, 11th- and 12th-graders have a different educational model than the ninth-grade.)

I am sure that my ideas as presented have some drawbacks. But they also suggest an alternative school building plan that might have some merit.—Allan D. Brevik, Detroit Lakes