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Letter: Help make these school projects community plans

Hi, my name is Amy Erickson, and I am a Detroit Lake School Board Member. I'll note here that I'm speaking on my own behalf, as we did not discuss this letter as a board.

Nancy Young, a Detroit Lakes graduate, has started a community group to provide information and gather input from the public in regards to the bond referendum the school district is planning to bring to the voters in November of 2018.

The plans for this referendum are still in the beginning stages, and the community group is an excellent way to participate in the process. The architectural firm that the district has hired, Zerr-Berg Architects of Fargo, will be present at these meetings, as will at least one school board member. The next two meetings are:

• Wednesday, April 18th - 2:00 pm - Aspen Room - Ecumen - 1415 Madison Avenue, Detroit Lakes

• Wednesday, April 18th - 6:30 pm - Roosevelt Elementary - 510 11th Avenue, Detroit Lakes

We have needs in our schools that must be addressed, including, (but not limited to), space, safety and security, efficiency and accommodation of a 21st century learning environment. We would very much like to hear thoughts from the community about these issues as a part of the referendum process.

To be put on the email distribution list for the community group, please contact Nancy Young at or give her a call at (760) 271-6436.

If you would like to speak to me directly, you can email me at or call me at (218) 841-2944. If you would like to walk through any of the school facilities to see these needs firsthand, I would be happy to take you on a tour myself, at your convenience.

Amy Erickson, Detroit Lakes