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Letter: Can Trump be trusted with national secrets?

If there was a meeting between President Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Putin, President Trump would be sitting in the back seat of a vehicle, Putin would be driving, and Kim Jong Un would be in the front passenger seat.

I'm saying this because it wouldn't take much to manipulate President Trump. He thinks he knows everything (he does have the best brain, you know), but he's not cagey, especially like Putin. President Trump has no background like Putin has, the latter having come up through the KGB in the Soviet Union. Besides doing so in the United States, Russia has also been trying to influence elections electronically by hacking into computers in Germany and France to influence policies in their countries.

I don't like the fact that President Trump knows all he does about our national security. He is incredibly impulsive and a person who doesn't know what he may do. He could "spill the beans" as the saying goes and tell other leaders too much about our government's future plans — to their benefit and our detriment.—Carol Strache, Frazee