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Letter: Let's all do the right thing on abortion

How many of you reading this—wish you had never been born? I'll bet—not many.

Why do you think so many people think it's OK to kill babies? They call it "choice." I call it killing the unborn, who will turn out to be real people like you and I if you don't mess with the birth of the child!

Ireland recently voted to legalize the killing of babies and we saw them rejoicing on TV over the news that they had done this ... and they are mostly Catholic.

I think Catholics for the most part have been against abortion! How does this happen?

The Democrats and the press are for the most part really wringing their hands over this Supreme Court change. They don't want a conservative in there that may vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade! I would really like to see it overturned!

The Chinese population is getting older and they now see that they don't have enough young people to take the many jobs that will keep their economy going like it should, so now they are having fewer abortions.

God, our creator doesn't like this killing of the unborn. Anyone knows that if you don't mess with a pregnancy, it will turn out to be a child that grows up like you and me. It's not a blob! There is a heartbeat in about three weeks!

Please stay on the conservative side of this abortion thing!—Jordell Brose, Detroit Lakes