The quotes attributed to State Rep. Newberger in the July 11 edition of The Tribune indicate he is either poorly informed or sees no reason to speak factually when campaigning for office.

For example, his claim about "no-go" zones in Dearborn, Michigan because of refugees is a lie that extremists have been spreading for years and which has been shown repeatedly to be false.

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His comments on the Affordable Care Act are similarly untethered from the truth. He blamed the ACA for rising health care premiums, when in fact, studies by non-partisan researchers, such as the Kaiser Family Foundation, indicate the ACA helped slow decades of rising health care costs and made health insurance affordable for millions of people.

Further, his claim that by going "back to the free market system - with competition, quality goes up and price goes down," has, unfortunately, never been the case for U.S. healthcare.

Study after study over many years have shown the U.S. spends much more per capita on health care and gets poorer quality results than any industrial country in the world, including all of Europe and Canada-and this was before the ACA.

The ACA, which admittedly needed a lot of fine tuning, was beginning to change the cost and quality of American health care, until Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration began to take it apart - and in so doing again making health care insurance either unavailable or unaffordable for millions of Americans.

If Newberger wants to stay true to the vision the Founding Fathers had for self-governance of the American Republic, which as a self-styled "old-style Reagan Republican" he should, in his pursuit of elective office he will become better informed on complex policy issues and not use talking points borrowed from extremists that have been proven to be false.

-- Ken Brill, Detroit Lakes