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Your letters: Let's now side with the unborn

Recently CBS reported that some places are not finding enough young people for lifeguard duties at pools. They are filling the positions with older people. It could be that the young people that would be lifeguards were aborted by their mothers. I don't remember ever hearing about this problem before now.

(Also recently) a woman that had just delivered her own child in a bathtub drowned the child in the same bathtub in a few inches of water. She's in big trouble with the current laws. The odd thing is that if she would have aborted her baby before it was born it would have been okay with our laws. Why is it okay to kill it before it's born but not after?

People get so concerned about someone that kills a giraffe or a lion in Africa or a baby seal, or dolphins or whales, but don't complain a bit about the aborting of humans.

In 2014 there were 926,240 abortions. In 2015, 914,000 and in 2016: 893,000. We get upset when Mexican children are just separated from their mothers, but don't care that every day many wonderful children are killed with legal abortions. I would like to see the slaughter of our children cease. Please let's go to bat for these innocent ones!