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Letter: Trillion dollar Trump deficits for years to come

I have to thank conservative letter writers and columnist Cal Thomas for providing some insights into conservative thinking and their devotion and loyalty to their cult leaders, Trump, and his puppet masters, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and worst of all his top advisor, speech writer and strategist, the cruel Stephen Miller.

A laughable statement by one writer was that Republicans did not "riot or stage vulgar hateful marches" when Obama became president. The "Tea Party " movement was a relentless attack on Obama and everyday conversations with Republicans dripped with dislike of him for no other reasons than he was "black" and trying to right the social wrongs and bring opportunity and prosperity to all Americans. Compared to Trump, there was nothing to complain about. He just went about the job as president in accordance with the constitution and the "regular order" of governing.

What seems to bother them most is their opposition to their definition of "socialism" and all its ills. Providing a social safety net for all is essential in the quest for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." They never refer to the examples of Democratic Socialism in the Scandinavian countries, always referring to the Dictatorial Socialism of Cuba, the former Soviet Union and the like. Not surprisingly, the Democratic Socialist Scandinavians are in the top 10 percent of happiest nations, Finland being No. 1. The U.S. is ranked 18th, down 4 points since Trump became president. Democratic Socialism in Scandinavia leaves plenty of room for "capitalistic" endeavor as evidenced by their robust economies. What is it in conservative DNA that enjoys the suffering of people who are not as white or talented or ambitious or healthy as they are?

They, Fox News, and other conservative media have already proclaimed Trump's presidency a huge success because the economy is about as good as it was when he took office. Watch out. The only legislation passed was the Trojan Horse tax bill, the full effects of which will not be felt until at least next year when the miniscule tax cuts for lower and middle income people are eaten up by higher health insurance costs, higher gas prices due to pulling out of the Iran Nuclear agreement, higher costs for foreign made goods due to ill-considered tariffs, loss of tourist industry revenue due to sharp reduction in foreign visitors simply because they, like us progressives, don't like the way our country and their former friend and ally is heading.

These are just a few of the considerations intelligent, mature leaders integrate into their policy making decisions.

For Trumpists it's all about financial numbers, meaningless to all but those at the top. Where are the budget hawks who complain about the rising national debt when they brazenly push through a tax bill that will create a rising deficit of more than 1 trillion a year. If you don't know what a trillion is, it looks like this ...$1,000,000,000,000 and none of that debt will benefit the lower and middle classes nor start rebuilding and strengthening our crumbling infrastructure, defend against cyber attacks on our computer controlled energy grids and other essential utilities, educate and train a 21st century workforce, and the hundreds of other neglected issues lost in the sea of lies, distortions, and potentially treasonous acts of the current administration.

When the Trump-Republican" train runs off the rails again as it did under Reagan and the Bushes, I'd rather not hear the question, "Grampa, did you vote for Trump?"