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Letter: Dr. Ford was brave, spoke truth to power

What in the world has happened to us? About two weeks ago I had a memory of hearing a woman begging her husband to stop hitting her.

It seemed to coincide with the pre-ordained, entitled Kavanaugh job interview. Yes, I firmly believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Her testimony for the entitled Kavanaugh job interview was compelling and true. Thousands of women are coming forward and justifiably so. Dr. Ford did not lose. She displayed courage and spoke truth to power.

The real losers are the Old Republican Guard, the Heritage Foundation and especially the Federalist Society. They were exposed for what they really are: a confederacy of the entitled; a pyramid scheme of grifters and fundamentalists; a pyramid of the entitlement culture and economically dominant.

I watched some of the entitled-one-in-chief's "It's all about me" campaign speech in Mississippi and could not help but notice those in the background. I said this out loud at a local business after reading the headlines: "I have never seen such a display of profound ignorance and disrespect in my life. It's hard for me to believe that I served this country for people like this!"

Dr. Ford testimony made me reflect on talks with my sister, Lois Jenson (one of my heroes). Lois, in my view, was the Amelia Earhart against sexual assault, harassment and discrimination and has been recognized worldwide for her truth-to-power victory. She is smart, determined and patient; had documented numerous infractions and also had male and female witnesses.

She won and won big — not for the money, but for principle, decency, respect and women everywhere, and she mostly flew solo. To verify what I'm saying here, watch the movie "North Country." For those of you trapped in an intimidating or abusive relationship, take notes or memorialize with trusted friends. This business is not your fault.

Every once in a while, and thanks to my sister Lois and Dr. Ford, the memory of that woman comes up and begs her husband to stop hitting her. That woman was my mother, and the incident was over 65 years ago.

I'm kind of wondering how many of you have grown up to believe that this conduct is acceptable. It's clear to me that quite a few in the Trump audience think it is, declaring a profound, deliberate ignorance, dehumanizing, liking it and just not caring.

For those of you who enjoy Andy Griffith, I recommend the movie "A Face in the Crowd." It will explain why we are where we are.