Someone who is honest and truthful shows integrity and is someone you would vote for. When someone gets caught saying misleading or untruthful statements, you lose trust in them. If that person continues making these misleading statements, there must be a consequence.

Over the summer, I have researched and written several articles about a legislator who is making dishonest and untruthful statements about:

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- Farm buffers and how they do not help retain soil runoff from fields - they do!

- The level of nitrates in our drinking water is not getting worse - it is!

- No tax base from public land - there is, and it is called PILT payments to counties, not to mention the recreational and tourism value of public land.

- Also, he does not mention the bill he authored to amend the Legacy Amendment to take two-thirds of the our Legacy funds and put it into roads and bridges.

The time for action to correct this source of misinformation has come. This November, let Steve Green know there are consequences for continually misleading his constituents in District 2B.

Vote for Karen Branden, someone who is enthusiastic and will bring integrity back to District 2B.

Steve Lindow, Ponsford