Support Paul Marquart Nov. 6 for common-sense, bipartisan leadership. Paul Marquart was named by the St Paul Pioneer Press as one "of a few moderates who have connections to members of both parties."

Last session, Rep. Marquart wrote legislation with Republicans and Democrats to fix roads and public infrastructure, fund state pensions, reduce state taxes on social security, and cut the red tape to get local projects and investment in Detroit Lakes off the ground.

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Going forward, Paul Marquart plans to put our state tax dollars to work by reducing the effects of property tax increases from school bonding projects. Paul Marquart believes the state needs to address this issue head on by increasing property tax relief to a larger swath of Minnesotans.

Paul will fight to fund the repair of roadways which are vital to rural commerce. Paul will also work to make health insurance more affordable for self-employed Minnesotans.

Finally, many of us know Paul personally, we see him at our doors, in our parades, and at countless meeting around our community. His hardworking can-do attitude of bipartisanship has earned my respect! Vote Marquart, working for all of us in rural Minnesota by putting party politics aside.