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Letter: DL schools plan involved serious thought, compromise

On behalf of myself, Amy Erickson, and in agreement with John Steffl's previous letter to the editor, I would like to thank the members of the Detroit Lakes community, school staff and administration, students and fellow board members who stepped forward to help formulate the plan that will be put before the voters this Tuesday, Nov. 6.

I would especially like to thank Brian Berg and the staff of Zerr-Berg Architects for going above and beyond the call of duty to truly engage our entire community in this referendum plan.

It is impossible to formulate a plan that will please everyone. For every person who told us they didn't like the gym at the high school there was someone who said it wasn't big enough. For every person demanding that the board restrict itself to a certain dollar amount, there was someone urging that we not come back to the voters in a few years with another referendum.

When you ask for input, it can be daunting to distill that information down to a workable solution. But one thing I can assure you that this school board took the financial burden we are asking the taxpayers to bear very seriously. No decision was taken lightly. But in the end, the difficult decisions had to be made.

This plan was a collaborative effort, with a great deal of time and energy contributed by many, many people. Compromise is difficult, but not impossible. Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 6.