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Letter: Inaccurate info in 'Vote No' mailers

I recently received a postcard urging me to "VOTE NO" on the Detroit Lakes School District bond referendum. There are several issues the voting public should be aware of prior to election day.

First of all, the "Vote No Committee" may be in violation of state campaign finance laws. Assuming the committee spent more than $750 (which it most certainly did on the mailing alone), it is required to file a report with the election clerk at the district office. As of Oct. 24, there has been no report filed. Translation: citizens have no way of determining who is contributing to this campaign.

The "VOTE NO" mailer had several inaccuracies, such as:

1. "The School Board's survey cost taxpayers $25,000." Not true. I called the district office. The survey cost $14,000.

2. "Enrollment is down." As of today, enrollment is up 140 students since the first referendum, and up 357 students in the last decade.

3. The very real space issues (which they choose to refer to as "horror stories") presented in the previous referendum no longer exist. I would encourage anyone to call and schedule a visit at one of the schools to see for themselves.

I'm just your average citizen who did a minimal amount of research. Please don't let this "No" campaign affect your vote on what is so badly needed in our community. The "Vote No Committee" is right on one thing: We can do better. We can do better for our kids. For our community. For our collective future. Please vote YES Nov. 6.