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Letter: Marquart says this year's attack ads are off the rails

I've always tried my best over the years to represent District 4B as your legislator in a fair, honest and bipartisan way.

That's why I must respond and set the record straight on the many false and nasty attack ads against me that you have been receiving in the mail from big city interests.

First, despite what these phony ads want you to believe, I voted with Republicans to toughen penalties on violent criminals. I have consistently voted to support law enforcement officers and make our communities safer. That's why I am endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

Second, I have never supported a government takeover of health insurance. In fact, I voted to lower premiums in 2017 and my plan lowers healthcare costs through tax credits, expands low-cost health care coverage for small businesses, farmers and families, and takes on the prescription drug companies and "out of touch" special interests.

Also, I have always worked in a bipartisan way to provide a balance of tax cuts and important investments for rural Minnesota. This session, I worked on and voted for cutting taxes on the Social Security benefits senior citizens receive, on property taxes farmers pay on school building projects, and on business statewide property taxes. Important investments to our rural schools, nursing homes, and infrastructure will help our area.

Finally, independent research of my voting record by the Pioneer Press says I am one of the most bipartisan members of the Minnesota House of Representatives. I'm proud of that designation because I have always voted for what's best for the residents of District 4B, regardless of which political party is behind the proposal. That's how we get results for rural Minnesota.

I pledge to stay positive and optimistic and always keep rural Minnesotans my top priority.

(DFLer Paul Marquart represents District 4B in the Minnesota House)