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Letter: DL teachers support the building bond

As citizens of this wonderful community and advocates for all young learners growing up here, Education Minnesota Detroit Lakes, the local teachers union, would like to share its support for the proposed building and security improvements to the Detroit Lakes School buildings.

This building bond addresses critical infrastructure needs, such as more classroom space and special needs space to accommodate the area's growing population.

This building bond maintains our neighborhood schools that we as a community love, and it helps bring the fifth grade back into Roosevelt Elementary. Finally, this building bond address these critical growth, security and infrastructure needs at a cost adjusted for inflation between $20 million and $27 million less than recent building bond proposals.

We invite with open arms new learners to join us in our quest for knowledge, and we seek to enrich the lives of all students that attend our schools. Detroit Lakes is an outstanding community that families are drawn to. As a result, the public schools are bursting at the seams! As you have probably heard many say, this is a good problem to have!

It is now time to turn our attention to our schools. We need to take the necessary measures to ensure that our students can learn and be engaged in a safe and effective environment that reflects the beauty of the local area.

Investing in our students is an investment in Detroit Lakes and our future. When you go to the polls on Nov. 6, please show your support, consider it a worthwhile investment and vote Yes on the building bond issue.

(Chuck Moore and Nicole Benson are co-presidents of Education Minnesota Detroit Lakes)