You know what's sad about the upper Midwest? I scroll through the paper, not regularly but quite often, and check the jail roster periodically. Let me

guess - the new jail must be open, because by the time I got to the third

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letter in the alphabet, C, as a last name I was done scrolling through names.

I'm sure that doesn't seem like an issue at all, but like an ex-sheriff told me

when they opened the minimum security jail on Randolph Road, "These are our everyday citizens, you don't have to lock them up and throw away the key. You might ruin their life or situation by doing so. We give them the opportunity to resume their lives, jobs, careers meanwhile dealing with the consequences of what they have done."

Which is true. If you're in a minimum security facility, obviously you're not a person who's going to rape, pillage, or assault. However now that that new jail must be open, I'm quite certain it is, and I'm quite certain there's a "quota." After all in the upper Midwest, as some might say, "You come on vacation and you leave on probation."