After seeing the extremely inflammatory title to the Letter to the Editor I wrote for last Wednesday's paper (which I did not write) - I had written a much more sedate title, I felt I must again write to set the record straight on this, and a couple of other issues. If anyone read beyond the title, which I'm sure many did, you would have noticed that in the very first paragraph I said that it "could have been a great tournament, except for . . ." How that translates into "DL should be ashamed of its Bantam Hockey Tournament" is beyond me.

Wilken's original letter

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I reached out to the President of the DLYHA to apologize for this, explaining that it was not my doing, and learned a couple of things in the process. Most importantly was that I was incorrectly casting blame, as it were, on DLYHA leadership for the poor officiating. The officials are actually contracted out from a pool of qualified officials and have nothing directly to do with the DLYHA. So much for my conspiracy theory! I am man enough to admit my mistake, and since I called them out in public, it's only right that I admit it in public as well.

In retrospect, I probably could have handled this in a less public manner, and after seeing the appalling title to the article, I wish I would have, because I know the whole thing has caused far more negative publicity for DLYHA than intended. Getting our kids out of the house and keeping them active is obviously a good thing, and with hockey they have the opportunity to travel and play against kids of different skill levels from places they wouldn't normally get to compete against in other sports like basketball or football. And no, I'm just saying that to try to make up for what I previously said - it's factual!

(Editor's note: The headline included in the link above reflects a change that the letter writer requested from this newspaper. Headlines are written by newspaper staff with the intent to summarize the content and overall message of the letter. This practice was also applied in this case.)