I would like to thank Ms. Terry Kalil for advertising my town hall meeting in Bagley in her recent letter to the editor. I will continue to hold events such as this around the district, just as I have since being elected in 2012.

I did receive one notice in February concerning a forum and have had conversations with Ms. Kalil regarding the structure of these events. I have found that, when the League of Women Voters holds forums, they are structured in a way that only discusses and moves their agenda. They even censor questions that do not fit their platform.

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At one event, a senior citizen was not allowed to ask his question. When I suggested he have an opportunity to speak, they did give him the microphone at the end of the forum - but ignored him. When he started speaking, those attending got out of their chairs and began visiting among themselves, including League members running the forum.

Their behavior was beyond rude.

I have never attended a League forum without receiving complaints from those who were unable to voice their concerns. By contrast, my town hall meetings are designed to inform folks of what is happening in St. Paul, while also allowing anyone to ask questions and voice concerns over anything from the gas tax to state spending, gun rights, health care, education and beyond.

If the session allows, I will be putting together another town hall in May and there will be more after the session ends, hopefully in June and again in the fall.

These meetings provide an environment much more conducive to open and honest discussions with my constituents. In addition, I will continue sending out information through papers, radio, social media and email. There are many proposed laws moving through the House of Representatives and I will continue doing my best to keep local residents up to speed.

I encourage you to contact me or attend the town hall meetings since we put them together for you. You can email me at rep.steve.green@house.mn, or call my legislative office at (651) 296-9918 with questions or concerns.- Rep. Steve Green, R-Fosston