I would like to respond to some inaccuracies in Terry Kalil's April 12

letter. The Easter break week is full of events and meetings for all of us.

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She refers to only one event of which she sent out an invitation for.

In her letter, she states that I did not respond to her email concerning our

scheduled town hall in Bagley and the distance from Detroit Lakes. I not

only responded to her email the same day she sent it to me, she even replied back to my email thanking me for my response! Ms. Kalil, you are entitled to your opinion but please do not misrepresent the facts.

My fellow house members in District 2, Rep. Green and Rep. Grossell and I

hold and attend numerous meetings throughout our legislative district. We

schedule and hold our town hall meetings so that all of our citizens have an

equal opportunity to ask questions and interact with their legislators.

Our town halls are structured so that those attending can ask questions about what is of interest to them. The event that Ms. Kalil referenced is a

structured forum that traditionally follows the agenda of the Minnesota

League of Women Voters.

We are currently working on future town hall dates for May and June and will announce them as soon as they are confirmed.

As always, I welcome and appreciate all of your comments and questions.

Please email me at sen.paul.utke@senate.mn or call my office at 651-296-9651. - Sen. Paul Utke, Park Rapids