I am writing this letter in support of Shawn Gravalin. Shawn resigned his

coaching positions and paraprofessional position after the Pelican Rapids

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School District gave him no support (and really no choice) following an

alleged incident of "inappropriately touching a player's butt" in basketball practice.

Let's use our common sense and look at the facts: At the time of the

alleged incident, Shawn was coaching practice, in the Pelican Rapids gym,

with the entire team on the floor. He was conducting a drill in which he was

demonstrating a basketball fundamental technique. Another adult coach was present, and the school's video surveillance was recording.

Does it make sense that intentional inappropriate touching would, or could take place given these facts? Contact made with any of the players would be inadvertent, innocent, and accidental. Basketball is a contact sport.

When you're teaching techniques, you demonstrate. When you demonstrate, there is often contact. That's called coaching.

Statistics are easy to find about how often women and men are assaulted in our country. How many of those assaults happened in public places, with

witnesses including a co-worker, and video surveillance?

In this particular case, absolutely no evidence was found to support the

Accusation. The end result is the school district lost a loyal employee

whose reputation has been damaged forever. Who would want to be a teacher or coach? Apparently, accusations are considered to be true even with no evidence to support the claim, either from law enforcement or the school system.

Just because you say it, doesn't make it true. Just because it's written

in the paper, doesn't make it true. It's sad that as humans we would

much rather think the worst in someone than find out the truth. - Brenda Krogstad, Vergas