"They’re invading our southern border!" We’ve been warned again and again and again.

I can tell you from personal experience that you don’t have to go far from home to find a gang that has invaded that border. A gang with names such as Jose, Adalberto, Fernando, Miguel, Luis, Marwin, Ehire and Jorge, and even some Anglo names such as Martin, Michael, Nelson and Eddie.

I found them just 200 miles from home. All in America, north of our southern border. A trip to see the Minnesota Twins in Target Field in Minneapolis gave dramatic proof that immigrants are invading America.

Let me tell you who I saw with my own eyes. First, there was Jose Berrios, age 25, who was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Berrios is the ace pitcher of the Twins staff, and had 10 victories on his record when I saw him. Can he speak English like the rest of us? Probably not, but he just may pay more in taxes to the USA than a busload of regular citizens.

I saw Martin Perez, age 28, born in Guanare, Venezuela, who has won eight games as a Twins pitcher.

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I was awed by Nelson Cruz, the old man of this gang at the age of 39. Cruz was born in Matas de Santa Cruz in the Dominican Republic, has been in six All-Star games and has hit 32 home runs for his American fans this year tied for second most in the American League. Does he pay taxes? Yes –- more than a trainload of us.

I saw the heavily muscled Miguel Sano, age 26, lured to this country by the American professionals at the age of 16. Sano was born in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. Heavy accent. Sano, who missed games early in the season with an injury, now has 20 home runs.

Jorge (pronounced hor-hay) Polonco, age 26, is the Twins shortstop. He was also born in San Pedro de Macoris. He was on the American League All-Star team in July.

He has been one of the leading batters in the league all season.

Eddie Rosario, age 27, with his Anglo first name, was born in Puerto Rico. The immigrant has hit 25 homers and pays taxes in American dollars.

Ehire Adrianza, age 29, was born in Guarenas, Venezuela, and is only a reserve infielder so he probably doesn’t pay taxes like busloads of citizens, but only triple of what any of us pay.

Luis Arranez, only 22 years old, is a third baseman born in San Felipe, Venezuela, and will pay big taxes in the future unless we send him back to where he came from.

Second baseman Marwin Gonzales, age 30, was born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, and has hit 13 homers. Lets keep him in America.

In addition to those roster players, I can tell you the Twins have contracts with minor leaguers such as Adalberto Majia, Fernando Romerio and Willians Astudillo.

As a footnote, Twins Max Kepler who has hit 32 homers, is also a foreigner, born in Berlin, Germany, where his parents are both professional ballet dancers. Respectable, and well-to-do I’m sure. But since Kepler has lighter skin, it’s easy to see how he got in this country.

But how did those other gang members get here? How did their invasion of the southern border go unnoticed? Without these talented, hardworking athletes, the Twins would be at the bottom of their division. As a matter of fact, without players from Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua and our other south of the border neighbors, Major League Baseball would be a pale imitation of the excitement it provides today.

Welcome them to America, the land of opportunity, the land of open arms. Don’t send them back.