It's here, and it has so much potential. There are countless books, movies, and songs dedicated to it, and students and adults alike (but especially students), look forward to its arrival for months and months. Have you caught on to what I am referring to yet? Summer.

For most of my life, summer has meant a couple of things: the school year is done, I am officially progressing to the next grade, shenanigans with my friends, and more sleep.

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These things still hold true to me this summer, but it all feels a little bit different. The school year is done, but now I am done with high school. I am officially progressing to the next grade, but that "next grade" is my freshman year of college. The shenanigans with my friends... well, they will be my last moments with them until Thanksgiving break. As for more sleep... yeah, I will still be getting more sleep.

A couple of months ago, I was at an event speaking with alumni from my college. Imagine my surprise when one of the recent graduates asked me what my plans for the summer were. You might be wondering why I was surprised, because this was a pretty reasonable question to ask. It was because, for the first time in years, I didn't have anything planned.

Last summer, I was working at a full time internship, periodically studying and reading, and trying to figure out college applications. All I knew about this summer was that I was looking forward to it. I think she saw the stunned look on my face, because she just started to smile. Then, she gave me some advice.

Being a recent graduate, she already assumed that my last couple of summers were probably hectic. She also told me that the next four years will be hard, I will be very busy, and that they will be some of the best times of my life. She told me that if she could rewind those four years, she would take this summer and not worry so much. For her, the last four years were busy school years and even busier summers.

People tend to feel pressure to do something amazing the summer before college, but the majority of the people I spoke to agreed that this was the last moment for us to truly do nothing, if that is what we wanted to do.

While it may sound boring, I ultimately decided to take a summer job and start actually working on my reading list. Homer and Bradbury are calling my name, and for the first time in a long time, my immediate dilemmas are simple: what computer to buy and whether to bring my movie collection with me in the fall.

All dilemmas aside, summer has always been a season that I, as well as all of my friends, have looked forward to. It's finally here, and it has so much potential.