The only constant is change. Think back to when you were a kid watching the Jetsons use their video phones … it was unimaginable! Yet just yesterday my daughter Facetimed me as she was walking to class at MSUM — and while I was happy she called me, I thought nothing of the technology being used. It’s just the new normal.

When I first started with Forum Communications 20 years ago, there were 44 people in the Detroit Lakes Newspapers building on Washington Avenue. My first workspace was a storage closet between the offices of Jim Bruflodt and Cindy Larson. A desk barely fit into that space, but it was all that was available. Ralph Anderson was typing away on his typewriter and Bob Jenson was still whipping around the room with his pica poll and X-Acto knife pasting up parts of the paper.

Not long after that, I moved to a back office down by production as the building was remodeled to better suit the needs of the business. We were bursting at the seams!

The world of newspapers, just like everything else, has also changed. Computers, cellphones, internet, cloud-based storage systems, telecommuting — these are just a few of the things that have had a profound influence on how we do our job.

As Forum Communications Company has evolved to a more efficient business model, we no longer have personnel occupying each part of the building. More than half has been closed off to storage.

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Simply put, this location no longer fits our needs.

With that, we are listing the building for sale. We plan to find another location that is just right for our customers and our employees.

No matter where we are housed, we will continue to provide award-winning coverage of Detroit Lakes and the surrounding area via online, mobile and print mediums. We value your readership and hope that you wish us well in our search for a new location.

Publisher Melissa Swenson can be reached at 218-844-1451 or