Midterms are over, and I am pleased to share that I made it out in one piece.

For the past two weeks, I have been running around with what felt like absolutely no time for breaks, no time to stop. When I'm feeling stressed, it's easy to focus on all the instigators of said stress, even when there are so many things that have made my time here at Harvard amazing.

A handful of these amazing things have proven essential to me as a college student. They're my not-wholly-comprehensive college survival guide, if you will.

Firstly, a supportive group of friends is vital. Whether you are suddenly in need of a curling iron, feeling homesick, or are afraid to walk to CVS alone, your friends will be there for you (and hopefully you will be there for them, too). After a few weeks of making it through campus life without catching any of the main waves of sickness, I was hit with a fever. I woke up in the morning, my throat was sore, my head was throbbing, and it felt debilitating. As soon as my friends found out, I was greeted with a cup of warm matcha, a heated blanket, and lots and lots of vitamin C. Friends have definitely helped me through bumps in the road.

Secondly, find your spot on campus. Shortly after I arrived, I found a spot in the corner of one of the libraries that I love. It has great lighting, a comfy chair, and a great view. Although I don’t exclusively study at this spot, it is nice to have a comforting place to study when I am feeling especially stressed.

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Thirdly, call your family, and call your friends. Periodically video chatting with family and friends definitely helps to remedy any burgeoning homesickness. Being able to have a “face to face” conversation with the people you love, who live thousands of miles away from you, is amazing. Be sure to take advantage of it. Besides, your mom is probably really missing you right about now anyway.

Also, doing your laundry at obscure times will be sure to save you a lot of time.

Last but not least, it is completely OK, and necessary, to take time for yourself. School can be taxing, emotionally, physically and mentally. I have found that if you really wanted to, you could schedule every single moment of the day to friends, activities, classes, problem sets and the like — but that most certainly does not mean you should. Never feel bad for needing an hour to recharge, and take some time to read that book you have been eyeing or go out to Sunday brunch.

These are just some of the seemingly small things that have proven to be essential to me during the last couple of months, and I hope this not-wholly-comprehensive college survival guide proves to be helpful to other students out there, too.

Editor's Note: This column is a monthly feature of the Detroit Lakes Tribune's WAVE Page. Do Yeon Kim is a 2019 Detroit Lakes High School graduate.