Elizabeth Jefferson: Class, as I told you yesterday, since there is so much discussion about what "quid pro quo" means, we are going to search for the nonpolitical quid pro quo today.

I’m going to ask you to volunteer your example of a nonpolitical quid pro quo so we can all understand what the expression means. Just stand up and give your example.

Vanessa: Ms. Jefferson, this class is a quid pro quo. You will remember that on the very first day of class I asked what a student must do to get an A. You explained that you would give an A to any or all students who did all their reading, all homework, handed in excellent papers on time and participated regularly in class discussions.

"Quid pro quo" means "this for that," and your “this” was top-notch student assignments, study and participation, and the “that” was an A. There can’t be a more appropriate example of a quid pro quo than this class.

Sam: Quid pro quo is "you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours." Sort of like a mutual massage agreement. I give, you give, we exchange. That’s a classic quid pro quo.

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Maci: Quid pro quo could be a mutual dance team. You throw your best efforts and step into our dance together and I’ll throw in mine as a dance partner and as a team, we can compete against any other couple for top dance team at the homecoming dance.

Nate: When I told my dad I wanted a good baseball glove, he made a bargain with me: If I did the lawn and yard work for the month of June, he’d get me a glove of equal quality to the work I did. That was a quid pro quo arrangement. Our family ended up with a sharp, well-groomed yard and I ended up with a good baseball glove.

Autumn: When Nate and I agreed we would volunteer to recite for this class on a boy-girl, girl-boy arrangement we made a quid pro quo agreement. Now when one of us volunteers to speak, the other must follow. Nate has just done his statement and I’m doing mine as I speak now.

Elijah: As one who is serious about business and about becoming an entrepreneur, I plan to establish a quid pro quo trading company where all business will be by barter – no cash. For example, your trombone will be traded for somebody’s motor bike. The only cash involved will be my cash commission for being the deal maker. Without a creative middle man, there will be no trade.

Amaya: Speaking of business, I will open the Quid Pro Quo Tavern. Being a dancer myself, I recognized the limited opportunities that amateur dancers have to perform. So the tavern will offer a free drink to any (adult) singer, dancer, magician, piano player, comedian or other entertainer who will, in exchange, entertain the other customers.

Hayden: Our hockey team has a quid pro quo approach to hockey: An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. For every hit that we take, we return one of equal force. Is this a good-sport approach to hockey? Maybe not, but we respect any opponent who hits hard and we get respect from our opponent for our eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth hit back.

Sierra: Trysten and I have a quid pro quo arrangement. Trysten is a terrific math student and I’m not. I’m strong in English and literature and Trysten isn’t. So, we’ve agreed on a mutual tutoring agreement. Trysten tutors me in math and in return I tutor Trysten in English and literature. Besides, we get along very well together – but that’s not part of the agreement.

Malia: I hope I get credit for this. I looked up the opposite of quid pro quo. The opposite is something given without the expectation of receiving anything in return. I think it’s a beautiful approach to human relations and the relationship of humans to other creatures. I have this puppy who loves me without expecting or getting anything in return. I’ve named her Quid. She’s so sweet.

Ms. Jefferson: It looks like we’ve run out of time class. All who spoke today will get participation credit -- including the eye for an eye and the Quid example. We’ll resume this exercise tomorrow so that all the rest of you will get a chance to participate. We will explore the question of whether a quid pro quo can be implied -– that is unspoken, but expected, on the basis of, for example, I’ll scratch your back and I expect you to scratch mine even though we haven’t expressly said I’ll do this if you do that.

Class dismissed.