Editor's note: This column is by Inessa Hukriede, a Tribune intern and senior at Detroit Lakes High School.

For years, college was at a distance for me and many of my classmates. I had time, we had time. But fast-forward the movie of my life, and now I’m a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.

My name is Inessa Hukriede and in less than a year and I will be in college.

I have always been the type of person to know what I wanted, and college has always been my plan for after high school. I know exactly what I want to major in, I know what school I will be attending next fall. I think I have everything planned and figured out.

This is how I did it.

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I started early, my junior year.

The first thing I did was pick cities that I loved because I knew the location of the school was highly important to me. This would be where I’d be spending the next four years of my life -- and maybe even more.

I chose New Orleans and Duluth, and that was about it. I researched colleges in these cities that I would like to visit. I started with Tulane in New Orleans. My brother and I picked a campus preview day and, not even a week later, we were driving all the way to Louisiana.

It was a long road trip but I loved it. The campus was beautiful and there was no snow which made me happy. But deep down I knew that I wouldn't go to Tulane. New Orleans was a city I had always wanted to go to and thanks to Tulane and that preview day I did.

Then came Duluth. I loved this city which I had visited numerous times with my sister. I toured University of Minnesota Duluth and I thought it would be the college I would be attending.

But then I got a private tour of The College of St. Scholastica which is also in Duluth. I loved it! We pulled over the hill through the entrance as the sun was setting, and then I saw the magnificent castle like building, it was picture perfect.

It was now down to these two colleges in the same city. To my surprise I automatically knew which one I wanted to attend: St. Scholastica, a private four-year college. I would be majoring in biology for pre-veterinary medicine. I knew that a smaller college would be the place I would be spending four years of my life.

I officially accepted their offer only a couple days ago and I am extremely excited. Now all I have to do is wait for orientation and then next fall I will begin my college career.