I slowed down to watch the children. About 20 kids, 4-5 years old, were walking down the sidewalk in single file, an adult in the front and one at the rear. They were probably preschoolers or kindergartners.

But they weren’t just walking. Almost all of them were skipping. Little kids always do that. It makes them so fun to watch. Why do they skip?

Because they’re happy – happy to be out and happy to be going somewhere. They’re energetic, innocent and optimistic. They are like a row of baby ducks following mama duck to the pond.

If we could only capture that skip, that energy, that innocence, that enthusiasm and that spirit. In just a few years it will be gone.

If you want to pick up more enthusiasm, stop by and watch elementary school kids at recess: running, playing games, pushing, bumping, laughing, talking, some in clusters, some standing alone, walking and skipping. But don’t hang around too long or the police may ask what you’re doing. You will enjoy the scene until you leave.

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One nursing home has a day care program for adults and kids together. The children and older adults interact daily, to the benefit of both generations. The kids help the seniors deal with loneliness and keep them active and engaged, while the seniors act as grandparents providing loving attention to the kids. That home has captured the spirit of the skip.

During the holidays you will see TV ads and get solicitations in the mail on behalf of children: children in a boys ranch, children in boys and girls clubs, children in the hospital, children in Indian schools. Children in orphanages, children in group homes, hungry children in Haiti and other foreign lands, children who need tuition to go to school, children in villages without safe drinking water, children in foster homes, children who probably won’t be getting Christmas gifts, children like Tiny Tim, and other children in situations that tug at your heart.

Wouldn’t it feel good to guarantee some skips for the steps of a few children who wouldn’t have any without us?