Editor's note: This column is by Inessa Hukriede, a Tribune intern and senior at Detroit Lakes High School.

2020, the year my class and I graduate.

With the changing of the year everything we thought would never come is almost here: the end of first semester, our senior prom and, of course, graduation. I believe I can speak for my class in saying thank goodness we are almost done; it’s been a fun but also long four years of our lives. We can finally say goodbye to high school this year.

Many seniors at Detroit Lakes High School have strong feelings about 2020 and graduating.

“Being a senior has been both exciting and nerve-wracking for me," Gigi Ni, a senior and one of my fellow classmates, answered in an email. "I'm definitely going to miss the high school too, the place that I've been fortunate enough to call my home the last four years.”

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Senior Grant Fritch-Gallatin said, “ I enjoy being a senior. I am so ready to graduate. High school has been some of the best years of my life, but I'm ready to move on.”

With high school almost being over there is a handful of things we regret not doing.

I regret not going to any sports events until my junior year. I watched my very first football game and I marveled at everyone's school spirit with glitter posters and matching red and white outfits.

Gigi regretted “not joining any clubs as a freshman. I was really shy and scared to go for the things that I enjoyed doing that year.” Grant said, “not spending enough time with my friends.”

Despite all our differences as seniors we can all agree on one thing: "senioritis" is real.

The symptoms include at least a few missing assignments, skipping class a couple times a week and just simply ignoring work you have to do. We are just trying to make it to May, where we walk across the stage and receive our diplomas.

“To be totally honest, I did not believe that senioritis was a thing before this year," Gigi wrote, "but I have been experiencing some symptoms of senioritis throughout this semester, such as constantly putting off my college physics homework (sorry Mr. Vagle).”

As much as we say we’re incredibly done with high school it has been an enormous part of our lives and we will miss numerous people.

“Something I'm going to miss is being around so many different people," Grant said. "No matter where you go you will be surrounded by different people, but in high school, everyone has different dreams of what they want to do in the future.”

With the end of high school drawing near I can already feel myself start to miss the little things like being able to see my friends everyday because I know next year that won't be the case. And I cannot forget the teachers that will still be in their classrooms while I'm out in the world.

Thank you to the teachers that handled all of us every day, with our reckless behavior and our smart mouths; we can say they influenced our lives and for the better. Thank you to all my teachers for making my four years of high school bearable.