When the movie delays started early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the film I was most bummed about having to wait and see was "Dune." But I can finally say it was worth the wait.

Denis Villeneuve is one of the best filmmakers on the planet right now. When I heard he was behind the "Dune" reboot, I was over the moon. He's made some of the best sci-fi movies ever, and there's nothing more sci-fi than "Dune."

The original is a 1984 picture that didn't live up to expectations. It was a frail comparison to a much more believed sci-fi franchise in Star Wars. Since then, it's become a cult classic. Both the original and rebooted "Dune" films are adaptations of the novel series. A small pocket of "Dune" fans would go to war for the books and the old movie.

"Dune" is the story of Paul Atreides, a teenager born into a family destiny that's greater than he understands. His coming-of-age story is heightened in a trip to the most volatile planet in the universe to protect his family lineage. Nations battle over spice, the most valued resource in existence—those who control the spice control the political landscape. After Paul sees his family ties in the spice game start to crumble, it's up to him to be the savior he was meant to be.

I gave "Dune" a 98/100. It's the best new release I've seen since "Parasite." This is part one of a two-part saga, and it hits on every single point for me.

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This is the most visually stunning movie I've ever seen. If you choose to see this at home instead of in theaters, you are doing yourself a disservice. This film is the reason why theaters exist. Do not watch this on HBO Max before making a trip to the theater. It's beyond worth it.

Hans Zimmer is the best in the game when it comes to directing a movie's music. The score for this film was some of Zimmer's best. There's so much weight behind the music that adds to how tense "Dune" feels. It's supposed to make you understand how life-or-death the predicaments the characters find themselves in, and I believe Zimmer delivered.

The acting is top-notch. You won't see a cast this stacked for a long time. Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebeca Ferguson, Jason Mamoa, Oscar Isaac, Stellen Skarsgard, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin all star in "Dune." Every single one of these people is more than qualified to be a leading role in a film. To have most of these actors take supporting roles for this movie is so awesome. I've seen some complaints about the lack of depth in character development. While I don't agree in this instance, it is a common problem with stacked casts. That's up to the interpretation of the viewer.

"Dune" is not a movie for people who don't like sci-fi. If you couldn't get into something like Star Wars, you shouldn't watch "Dune." If you love projects like Lord of the Rings, this is right up your alley.

Even in my highest expectations, "Dune" found a way to exceed them. Villeneuve's style of filmmaking combined with the lore of a deep sci-fi story is my kind of movie. Villeneuve also made "Blade Runner: 2049" and "Arrival," which are two of the best movies I've ever seen. I think "Dune" has a chance to be the best of the three.